© Photo: Lisa Franchot

© Photo: Lisa Franchot

Eloísa Maturén

Actress and producer Eloísa Maturén is a classical trained dancer who also obtained a Summa Cum Laude degree in Mass Communication at Universidad Central de Venezuela. With ten years of professional experience at the National Ballet Teresa Carreño Theatre in Caracas and a profound and avant-garde artistic vision, Maturén has fused her varied  careers into one.

In 2012,  Maturén started her path as an actress supported by the prestigious Cannes’s Camera d’Or winner Fina Torres.  She shared the lead role in Torres’ last movie “Liz in September” with actress and international super model Patricia Velasquez (Premiered to great acclaimed  in September 2014).

Currently Eloísa is working as a producer and actress on the premiere for the west coast of the Spanish play “Ay Carmela” by José Sanchis Sinisterra, translated to English by Nilo Cruz with fellow venezuelan actor Alejandro Furth and directed by Alberto Arvelo.

In 2013, Eloísa made her way back to theater, acting, singing and dancing the role of “Hunyak” in the Venezuelan production of  the musical CHICAGO  directed by Luis Fernández. 

In 2008, Maturén founded Ciclorama Scenic Productions, a company focused on the production of dance, theater and music events in Venezuela and abroad. Ciclorama’s most recent production is the “Vive la Danza” Festival, an artistic celebration of dance in all forms. Ciclorama has already produced three editions of the Festival which happens every two years in Caracas.  It has been praised by critics and audiences alike, making it a must see event in the city.

In 2010, she produced a multimedia program for the Los Angeles Philharmonic  at Walt Disney Concert Hall for the Festival Americans and the Americas, including “La Cantata Criolla” an epic Venezuela poem tone.

Maturén also produced the documentaries “Dudamel, Let the children play” directed by Alberto Arvelo, and “Don Armando” by Jonathan Reverón

Her journalistic writing has focused on dance, music, and fine arts, and she has been a contributing journalist to El Nacional ,  the largest metropolitan newspaper in Venezuela, for several years.




Stella Adler Academy of Theatre and Acting

Scene Study

Gordon Hunt, Milton Justice, Ron Burrus

Voice Coach

Fran Bennet (Linklater Technique)

Dialect Coach

Claudia de Vasco, Jerome Butler, Richard Hill

Degree in Mass Communication

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Degree Classical Dancer

Escuela Ballet-Arte. Caracas – Venezuela


Sports: Horseback riding, ashtanga yoga, swimming, scuba diving, running
Dance: Ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, latin rhythms


Spanish (Mother Tongue)
English (Fluent)
Italian (Intermediate)

"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams"
–Albert Einstein



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