Eloísa Maturén

Actress and producer, Eloísa Maturén, is a classically trained dancer who graduated Summa Cum Laude in Mass Communications at Universidad Central de Venezuela. With over ten years of professional experience at the National  Ballet Teresa Carreño Theatre  in Caracas and a profound avant-garde artistic vision, Maturen has made a career combining her artistic talents.

In 2012, with the support of renowned Venezuelan filmmaker Fina Torres, Maturén began her journey as the lead actress in the film  “Liz in September”  with International supermodel Patricia Velasquez, which was released in September 2015. The film made a very successful run on film festivals around the world and was critically acclaimed.

As a triple threat, dancing, acting and singing, Maturén made her way back to the theater in 2013 in the Venezuelan production of  “CHICAGO The Musical”  as “Hunyak”, directed by Luis Fernández.

In 2015 she moved to Los Angeles to begin her formal training at the  Stella Adler Academy in Hollywood and started working with teacher and director Gordon Hunt. Also, to these days, taking scene study classes with Academy Award winner Helen Hunt.

In 2015 Maturén produced and starred as “Carmela” on the West Coast premiere of the Spanish play  “Ay, Carmela!”  by Jose Sanchis Sinesterra, along side Alejandro Furth. The play was directed by Alberto Arvelo and the scenic design was made by Frank Gehry. The production had a very successful run of 5 weeks at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood.

She has been part of different theatre productions in Los Angeles, including, “Cuba Libre”, “the Little Room Collective”, “Pop-Up Theatre and Short and Sweet Festival”.

Maturen also produced the documentaries “Dudamel, Let the Children Play” directed by Alberto Arvelo, and “Don Armando” by Jonathan Reverón.

In 2018, she starred the short film “Lucy” a thriller that have had a very successful run in film festivals around the world. “Lucy” won Best Iberoamerican Short Film at the International Short Film Festival in Mexico City and a special jury prize at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

In 2019 Maturén went back to the stage to play the lead role of Helena on  “Gente Ociosa”  an adaptation of Anton Chekhov´s Uncle Vanya directed by Michel Hausmann, alongside a brilliant cast at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach. The play had a successful seven weeks run of sold out performances and was acclaimed by audiences and critics. At the same time she traveled to Mexico to be part of Alejandro Hidalgo´s new horror film   “The Exorcism of God” .

In the spring of 2020 Eloisa created  “La Rocolera”  a space for intimate interviews, born in the midst of social distancing, dedicated to music as an essential element of our lives. Eloísa’s honest and intelligent communication and the way she approaches art, has allowed her to gather a luxurious list of guests. With them, she has managed to highlight the power of music as that “Esperanto” that connects us despite any difference, while showing us the more human part of these stars.

Eloisa is now developing a new program to be launch in early 2021.


Stella Adler Academy of Theatre and Acting

Scene Study

Gordon Hunt, Milton Justice, Ron Burrus

Voice Coach

Fran Bennet (Linklater Technique)

Dialect Coach

Claudia de Vasco, Jerome Butler, Richard Hill

Degree in Mass Communication

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Degree Classical Dancer

Escuela Ballet-Arte. Caracas – Venezuela


Sports: Horseback riding, ashtanga yoga, swimming, scuba diving, running
Dance: Ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, latin rhythms


Spanish (Mother Tongue)
English (Fluent)
Italian (Intermediate)